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The Art of Living

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The Art of Living

“Art is a way of surrounding yourself with that which both inspires and delights; it’s a direct window into one’s soul.”  Martyn Lawrence Bullard

When defining art there is a tendency to reach for the obvious – a painting or a sculpture that speaks to us in some way.  However, for our purposes, we are concerned with a more expansive definition of art.  Art that is not just a joyful part of life, but an expression of the way we live. 

If art, as Martyn Lawrence Bullard says, is “a direct window into one’s soul,” it should encompass a larger part of our lives than simply what hangs on our walls.  It should be underfoot, overhead and around every corner; expressed in the unexpected, grounded by the familiar.

 At Mountain Home we believe that the rooms you live in, the places you call home, should represent the best version of your soul, connecting with the way you live, always providing comfort, a source of inspiration.  Whatever it is you do with your life, your home should be the place that helps you do it best.  Room design is more than placing beautiful furniture against a wall across from the fireplace.  Room design starts with listening, understanding the story of a person, or a family, then purposefully building a space, one element at a time, as with an ongoing work of art.

History tells us that Leonardo Da Vinci never actually finished a painting.  He was simply forced to stop working on it at the insistence of the collector, and we see our homes in much the same way.  Life is a dynamic endeavor, always changing, expanding and contracting as we discover more each day of who we are.  The rooms we inhabit should move with us, and continue to express the changes in our lives, just as a work of art grows as the light moves and the artist’s vision is altered.

We have often stated that furniture, rugs, textures, and colors should be chosen one at a time, and always because you love them.  The art you hang on your wall or set on your buffet should never be a placeholder, but rather something you can’t live without, and your furnishings should follow the same pattern.  We are in the business of helping people discover their favorite things and making them work altogether, without leaving their longtime loves behind.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard is an international designer, known for his ability to combine new, even modern works with period pieces to create a sleek, eclectic environment.  In much the same way, we strive to work with what matters to our clients, giving placement to what is tried and true, while creating a fresh, brilliant space that feels new without being unfamiliar.  When we work on your re-design we are committed to maintaining your sense of home, improving it without violating your tradition.

As with all art, your home should speak plainly about the people who live there, with just a bit of embellishment.  Comfort has to be paramount; we’re here to help you comfortable become beautiful.  When you stand in the midst a room we have designed regardless of where you look, you’ll see something that encourages you to stay, to relax, to breathe deeply, to wonder at its beauty, to smile at a memory, because your room will be a work of art.  Art that says “this is who I am and this is good”.

The best part about what we do at Mountain Home is not the results of our design expertise, but the journey in getting there, because during the time we work together we’ll come to know you, and you will come to know us, and there will be a level of trust that will remain long after the last lamp is plugged in.  Perhaps it wasn’t that Da Vinci couldn’t finish a painting, but rather that he dreaded seeing the experience of creating, coming to an end.  We have been told that the design experience with us is a little like that.  Our clients are thrilled with their home but sorry to know that our work together is done.  But as with any work of art, it isn’t really finished, it is just waiting for the next stroke of the brush.

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