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Anchoring the Evergreen Design Center

Mountain Home Design Center - showroom with lamps accessories and couch

Anchoring the Evergreen Design Center

The design process is an eclectic effort.  Your home is so much more than four walls and a roof.  It is a space where relationships grow and dreams expand, problems are solved or at least discussed, grace is extended and forgiveness is imperative.  The rooms where your life takes place, precedent actually, provide shelter and inclusion and way more than either of those words can express.  Your sense of well-being comes from the climate created by your surroundings, from your relationship to the atmosphere of your home.  A good designer will do more than paint your walls.  They will learn your story, understand your lifestyle and make the space you occupy one of the players in your drama.

     The Evergreen Design Center was started with a deliberate intention to gather the most creative professionals in the industry, giving you the opportunity to meet a vast array of design needs in one spectacular pavilion of merchants.  The result is a thoughtful combination of indoor and outdoor furnishings and accessories, lighting, art, hand woven and individually designed rugs, superior wood flooring, landscape architecture, custom framing and Colorado designed and built furniture.

     Mountain Home, occupying the iconic Hiwan Barn brings their mountain chic furnishings and their proven prowess in the design field to the anchor store in the Design Center.  Owner Kay La Montagne and Designer Peggie Nikander have built a reputation for putting the homeowner first, always designing rooms that re-enforce a sense of home and comfort, without sacrificing beauty.  The furnishings, lighting, art and accessories are all chosen for their quality and attention to detail, each piece uniquely representative of your way of life.

     Pangaea Handmade Carpets, owned by T Robinson, offers the best in hand loomed rugs from around the world.  Pangaea sells lifetime rugs that are each individually designed and crafted by people who are being paid a fair price for their work.  A visit to T Robinson’s store is much like a trip to an art gallery, each rug a venture into artistic expression, hand crafted to perfection with proven materials and natural dies.  Pangaea Handmade Carpets brings the world to your feet.

     Branches Cabinetry and Design, owner Cliff Bowron, is known for making your kitchen the heart of your home, the hub around which everything finds its place.  Cabinets and countertops are for more than cooking.  They have become the focal point of the home, the statement that sets the pace for your overall home design.  Branches Cabinetry is committed to personal service, exceptional quality and design that suits your individual needs.  They are your connection to the mountain kitchen of your dreams.

     Wood flooring has become the must have in mountain properties and T&G Flooring offers top quality hardwoods and engineered wood flooring.  Owners, Emily and Chris Keale, make a “no short-cuts” promise to their clientele, and take pride in offering only the best materials for your custom floor.  The flooring in a home makes a lasting statement, one you will live with for years, and T & G Flooring is known for exceeding their customer’s expectations, at their evergreen store, as well as their Denver location in choice, product value and installation.

     In Colorado we are known for living outdoors whenever the weather permits, and it does on a regular basis.  Sundance Gardens & Landscaping, and Sundance by Design provide the perfect combination of landscape architecture, with a vast choice of indigenous flowers and plants, as well as the perfect finish in garden accessories and artfully chosen gifts.  Owner, Dave Thomas, is known for his creative, Colorado friendly landscape designs.  Linda Zakes, Sundance Gardens manager, and Kathryn Boylston, manager for Sundance by Design bring their expertise and love of the area to their efforts in making your home and garden a showplace.

     Every home is made more inviting when books are present - if the tomes are old or rare, or both, all the better.  Edward Regalado of Books by Edward has shelves filled with a treasure trove of literary classics, coffee table books, reference books, travel books and collectors’ editions for your browsing pleasure.  Nothing finishes a room, or brings that personal touch like a well worn copy of a favorite novel, and Edward offers everything from leather bound covers to dog eared pages for you to choose from.  In his other life he guides his clientele through the intricacies of health insurance, but the books are his first passion.

    Alpine Blue Home has taken furniture design to a new level, using only “dead wood” for their creations.  Owners Doug and Amy Golenz offer big design for small places and are known for their use of beetle kill wood as well as wood garnered from urban environments. Their uniquely elegant designs put the wood itself on center stage, emphasizing the grain and the color that becomes apparent only after the tree has gone to rest.  They are masters at reviving the beauty in a fallen pine and they are especially proud that their furniture supports fire mitigation by clearing the forest of dead trees. They design and build their distinctive home furnishings on-site at the Evergreen Design Center.

     The newest member of the Evergreen Design Center is the Evergreen Frame Shop, owned by Kimberly Reese.  Whether fine art or family photography, the presentation isn’t complete until it is placed in a proper frame.  Each piece of artwork is unique and its frame should compliment its style and content.  The Evergreen Frame Shop offers their expertise in matting, framing and hanging that will turn your wall display from a group of pictures to a personal gallery that you’ll be proud of.

     The Evergreen Design Center, on Meadow Drive in the Hiwan Barn and outbuildings, is a decisive collection of design and style elements, all first quality and committed to your satisfaction.  They bring every aspect of home design to life and are pleased to serve Evergreen and the surrounding area.  A stop at the Design Center will inspire you to love every room in and out of your home, bringing it all together for your ideal shopping experience.

Mountain Home Design Center - showroom with lamps accessories and couch