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Mountain Home for the Holidays

custom furniture room with black fireplace and couches

Mountain Home for the Holidays

Making Home the Place You Want to Be

For more than 35 years Mountain Home has been the “go-to” for exclusive, mountain chic design, coupling authentic, real-world furniture with a fresh, energized perspective that has resulted in a rustic, refined style that suits our Colorado lifestyle right down to our boots.  Owner, Kay La Montagne and her brilliant design staff have succeeded in bringing innovation and thoughtful creativity to Evergreen in a setting that exudes such warmth and comfort it calls all of us home for an inspiring visit.

     The label of furniture store doesn’t really cover it for Mountain Home.  They are a showroom for furnishings and accessories of the highest caliber; however, their expertise goes far beyond their retail super powers.  Owning a room full of beautiful furniture doesn’t give you a finished design.  It takes an eye for scale and texture, a vision for wood, metal, stone and fabric and how they will play off of each other, and most of all, it takes a listening ear.  Good home design is best done with the inhabitants of the home in mind.  Understanding the people who live there and grasping what matters to them is at the heart of bringing a design into focus.  When Peggie Nikander, Design Lead for Mountain Home begins a project, her first priority is to listen, to ask questions, to observe.  Her ideas and solutions then develop from her knowledge of the homeowners and the way they live.

     Making a home you love is an investment, a demonstration of sorts, that is meant to enhance the life lived under your roof.  Kay La Montagne explains it simply.

     “A home is established over time with thoughtful incorporation of your favorite pieces, intertwined with the new things you love.”  Furniture should never be purchased with a determination to fill a room and be done.  As a design comes to fruition each piece, be it a sofa, a painting, a rug, perhaps a throw pillow, should be added because it is something the homeowner truly likes.  When that very basic standard is applied the colors and textures will combine to make a tapestry that speaks your name from every corner.  When you walk through your front door you will know you are home.

     Experiencing your home furnishings before you buy them is what Mountain Home is all about.  With internet buying at an all-time high, the retail furniture business is holding its own, because up close and personal matters when it comes to your comfort.  How can you know that you like a chair unless you have allowed yourself to sink into its cushiony depths and put your feet up on the ottoman?  Original art should be absorbed from a deep cushioned sofa, in complete comfort, before it is deemed appropriate for your living room wall.  Can you really know if a dining room table is right for your home until you’ve seated yourself at the head and pictured your family and friends lining each side?  Mountain Home is in the business of letting you get to know your furniture before you take it home.  They invite you to come in, sit down and imagine what could be; then they will help you make it happen.

     As the holidays come racing towards us Mountain Home is once again dressed for your holiday enjoyment.  On the second weekend in November, the 10th, 11th and 12th, Mountain Home will open its doors for a Holiday Open House that will get your season started right.  The Historic Hiwan Barn will be filled with “can’t find it anywhere else” gifts and Christmas bling for under $50, giving you a chance to start and finish your Christmas shopping in one perfectly pleasant excursion.  You are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item to fill the Evergreen Christian Outreach pantry prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

     You’ll be greeted by Santa, or at least an adorable likeness.  Whitman, the Mountain Home Landseer Newfoundland, has agreed to don the apparel of Mr. Claus for the occasion, and nothing says “Christmas” like a bear sized dog in a Santa suit. If you’ve been especially good this year, he may agree to a photo op – doggie treats accepted.

     As a guest of Mountain Home you will be treated to food and drink, because they are thrilled to serve this mountain community and they want you to know it.  It isn’t a party without presents, so there will be door prizes and drawings for additional discounts on merchandise.

     If shopping isn’t your forte, the Mountain Home staff is here to offer their assistance.  This time of year can be daunting for the spouse or significant other who is at a loss when it comes to gift giving, but take heart.  The Mountain Home Christmas Elves will make your gift buying endeavor a painless, even enjoyable experience. 

      On Saturday, December 9th at 7pm you’re invited to a concert at Mountain Home, featuring Dakota Blonde.  This night is a gift to the community as well as a benefit for Evergreen Christian Outreach.  The entry fee is a non-perishable food item to help restock the EChO food bank for the Christmas season.  Mountain Home is cognizant of how blessed we are as a community, and how important it is to give to those who could use a hand.  If your Christmas spirit is really intact, feel free to bring a whole bag of items.  The need is great, and your contribution will make a tremendous difference for a local family.

     In this season of giving, Mountain Home is pleased to offer Evergreen a sincere “thank you” for the many years of patronage and the on-going friendship they have enjoyed.  They would like to wish each of you a blessed season of celebration and a blissful time with the people you love.

custom furniture room with black fireplace and couches